Plaque to Weightroom

~Dedicated September 2008~


Virtual Weightroom Tour



The new Big Red Giannamore Weightroom features state of the art strength training systems.

The weightroom is 3,200 square feet, and has it's own locker rooms and restrooms. It is located on the 1st floor of the high school on the wing that faces Logan Street.

Featured in the area are 6 adjustable benches with custom war covers and logo's, 6 racks with pullups & built in dip attachments, 6 plate forms, 8 horizontal bumper storage, 18 texas olympic bars (150,00 psi), 6 hex bar combo bars, 6 international style 5' ez curl bars, 30 spring collars w/plastic grips. Rubber enriched VT olympic plates are as follows: 186 45 lbs, 94 25 lbs, 212 10 lbs, 106 5 lbs, and 106 2.5 lbs.

Machines include, 2 iso lateral leg curls, 2 4 way necks, 1 standing calf, 2 jammers, 2 iso leg presses, 3 deluxe glue & ham, 2 grips, 3 lat pulldowns, 1 seated calf, 1 iso mid row, 1 iso low row, 1 iso seated shoulder press, 1 iso chest press, 2 5-60 set of tray vtx 5lb involvements, 2 5-100 sets, 2 triple tier 6ft dumbell racks, and 2 triple teir 8 ft dumbell racks.

There are 13, 635 pounds of metal weights, 1,380 pounds of rubber weights, and 4,690 pounds of dumbells, for a total of 19,705 pounds of weights.



West hallway leading to the Weightroom with graduated platforms.

Entrances from West Side of High School.

Olympic Lifting Platforms.

Super Horizontal Calf machine.

Combo Power Rack stations.

The Ground-based Jammer machines.

Looking east down the room from north wall at the International style 5' curl bars.

East end of weightroom.

Olympic Lifting Platfrom with Big Red Logo and Uesaka Olympic lifting bar and bumper plates.

Looking east at the rows of Olympic Lifting Platforms.

Iso-lateral Leg Press machine.

Rotating Glute Ham Bench.

Power Lift Modular 3 Tier Dumbbell Racks.

Deadlift/Trap Bar

4-Way Neck machines.

Iso-lateral High Row machine.

Iso-lateral Rowing machine.

Iso-lateral Low Row machine.

East Hallway.

Duel Free Standing Combo Pulley.

Iso-lateral Shoulder Press machine.

Facing the westend of the school (4th Street).

Olympic "Wide Flang" 3 hole VTX plates.

Weight Storage Racks.

Power Lift Combo Rack.

Hallway to 1st floor.

Looking down through the rows of Combo Racks.

Stability and Medicine Ball rack.


Another pic of Deadlift/trap bar.

Dumbbell Racks.