Scoreboard fast facts:

Length: 45'4''
Depth: 13'4''
Height: 33'4''
Projection room: 17'4'' X 13'4''
Angle to stadium seating: 30*
Scoreboard face: 25' X 15'
Video screen: 28' X 28'. 2nd video screen: 14' X 14'
Footing: 1' X 2'
Flagpole: 22' above scoreboard.
Man O' War (Big Red) fire-breathing horse sits atop.

Split faced rib rock in gray, glazed block in red and black, standard concrete block, steel beams and framing, all aluminum construction, and cabinets and faces are finished in Daktronics Standard Red.

All sport 4000 Daktronics scoreboard controls, and Daktronics Video Board.
Clock digits: 30''
T.O.L. digits: 18''
All other digits: 24''
All digits have 25 watt lamps.
Big Red and Visitor captions: 15''
All other captions: 12''
Panel sponsors display: 2' X 25'
Estimated power demand: 8,550 watts.






























Construction of the David E. Hindman Memorial Scoreboard was completed in 1997, and was refurbished in 2015. The scoreboard has the world famous Man O' War fire-breathing horse atop, and features a state of the art video screen with full animation, live video, and recorded video display.

Plaque on Scoreboard

MOW @ night

Man O' War shoots his 6 foot stream of fire after a Big Red score.

MOW @ High Noon