Pressbox fast facts:

The Abe Bryan Pressbox has looked over Death Valley, in this basic form, since the early 60's. The top half of the pressbox was added on by Mr. Dave Hindman with the help of some of Abe's players at that time.

1993 saw the renovaton of the top half of the structure, with the main floor receiving a facelift.

In 2012 the BOE decided to renovate the structure to its current condition. The building was expanded by an additional 15 feet on each side. The inside of the 1st floor was totally remodeled with new carpet, new counters and chairs, new drywall, and a new ceiling. The main floor has accomodations for the press, TV, radio, and the Public Address announcer and his spotters. Two rooms were added to each side of the 1st floor, the VIP Room and the new Media Center, which is where all of the video, audio, and special effects are operated.

The second floor features spacious coaching boxes for both Big Red and their guests, video rooms for both teams, video room for WTOV9, and restrooms.

The pressbox and ticket office has central heat and air to accomodate any type of weather.

The Pressbox at Harding Stadium is dedicated to former Big Red great Coach Abe Bryan who led S.H.S. during the All American Conference Years of the 60's and early 70's.

Home of the Big Red.

The wrought iron S leading up the pressbox steps.

The VIP Room features a beverage center, leather chairs, flat screen televsion/video and seating for 8.

The front of the VIP Room.

The radio booth for 106,3 The River.

The Guest radio booth.

Public Address and Spotter's booth.

The Scoreboard and Clock Operator's booth.

WTOV9's broadcasting booth.

The Media Center Room.

The Guest coaching box.

WVOV9's camera room.

Big Red coaching box.

Big Red video rooms.